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Fury of the Deeps is a fantasy boffer LARP that emphasizes teamwork & creative problem solving, along with vicious combat and choices that have long lasting impacts on the world around you. Characters can explore a newly discovered island and uncover the secrets that rest within, along with supporting and building up their new frontier town. The game takes place on a newly discovered island in the world of Vehldathin, and all nations of the world, all the gods, have taken interest in its mysterious appearance. Despite the troubles at on the mainland, many nations, churches, and wealthy benefactors have set up rapid expeditions to the new world in hopes to lay first claim on what is discovered, your Characters are among those volunteers on the expeditions. Problems, Challenge, and Puzzles at FOTD rarely have just one solution, the paths your Characters choose to take will determine the outcome of the story, there are no right or wrong answers! While your Characters may grow more powerful on the island the backbone of every situation will be your problem solving skills and your roleplay as that Character.

Game 5 September 16th-18th

Game 6 October 28th- 30th

Our game will be hosted at Camp Pomperaug in Union, CT.

Until Fury of the Deeps

Artwork by Acorn Inkwell